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The Ugly Truth About Liver Disease

The liver is one of the most vital and complicated organs in the body, involved in over 200 vital functions including manufacturing and synthesizing a wide range of hormones, clotting factors, cholesterol, and other proteins. The liver is my area of specialty, and it’s my life’s work to try to help people who are dealing […]

How Can You Turn Back the Clock on Fatty Liver Disease?

Liver disease is starting to take center stage in the world’s chronic—and in some forms, potentially deadly—diseases. But it’s not news to me, or to the patients I’ve been treating for more than 25 years. That’s why I talk to patients every day about better nutrition. I want to help people avoid the problems I […]

Family, Faith, and Food: the Keys to a Healthy Foundation

I was very fortunate to have amazing parents who instilled three values in my two sisters and me: family, faith, and food. Those “3 Fs” helped shape who I am today and also made for a family that did not have health or weight issues. We did not deal with the issues I see in […]

Anxiety Got You Down? It Might Be Your Diet

The winter months can bring on anxiety for many. For some, it’s post-holiday blues. For others, it’s the long days without sunshine. For many, it boils down to diet—the foods you eat could be causing or increasing your stress and worry. In addition to being a drain on your brain, anxiety can cause people to […]

Can Exercise Turn Around Fatty Liver Disease?

Sam was a patient of mine that had struggled with hepatitis C for two decades before finally being successfully cured after a third round of treatment. After that, his life circumstances changed—he traveled often for business and therefore ate out often—and he ended up gaining quite a bit of weight. That led to him developing […]

Good for Your Heart, Good for Your Liver, Too

February is American Heart Month, a great time to really start being good to one of the most vital organs in your body—your heart. But while learning to eat healthier heart-wise, it’s also good to consider foods that can keep your liver healthy. After all, your liver is vital to life. It is by far […]

The Long-term Dangers of Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity. It’s a big problem in the U.S. And without addressing the problem, today’s obese kids and teens will be tomorrow’s overweight adults. With that comes a host of health problems such as insulin resistance or diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and nonalcoholic fatty liver (NAFL). Individually, these diseases are bad enough to deal with. Together, […]

Resolutions: How to Kickstart and Keep Your Healthy Lifestyle Change

With the new year comes the resolve to eat healthier, exercise more, and be better overall. Of course, few people follow through with resolutions for the long-term—for many reasons. Often, it’s because they make too many resolutions or because they set the bar too high.   The key is to remember that January 1 should […]

Mind, Spirit, Body: Show Yourself Some Gratitude this Holiday Season

It’s the season to count our blessings, to be thankful for all the good that’s come our way. But at this time of year, too often people push themselves in all facets of their lives. They overdo it at meals, snack to their heart’s content (one little bite can’t hurt, right?), overspend in an effort […]

What’s Your Liver IQ?

As a liver specialist (aka hepatologist), it’s my bias that the liver is the most important organ in the body. While this is a lighthearted opinion, in the 25+ years that I have been a practicing hepatologist, the general knowledge of how the liver works and what diseases affect it is generally less well know, compared to […]

Mini Me: 5 Tips for Setting Up Your Children for a Healthy Lifestyle

Lisa’s lifestyle is similar to many of my patients. She works a lot of hours at a factory job, never exercises, and eats out for most of her meals because she is too tired to cook, much less clean up after the meal. When she is home for the evening meal, she eats with her […]

Tweaking Grandma’s Recipes: Healthy Substitutes

My mother was an amazing woman who lived a full life that could be encapsulated in three words: family, faith, and food. She loved family, had an intense faith, and she was known for her love of preparing food. My mother considered cooking for the family and creating a healthful environment for the family to […]

Snoring and Diabetes—How are They Linked?

If you know someone who snores, chances are they may be suffering from a disorder known as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). OSA is a severe form of sleep disorder marked by chronic disruptions in sleep. Those disruptions are caused by an obstruction of the airway when the body relaxes during sleep. Why, you ask, does […]

Are You Really Skipping the Sweets?

I love it when patients tell me they’ve made a conscious decision to eat better. After visiting my office and hearing a diagnosis of liver disease, it’s encouraging to know that they are taking an active role in turning around the problems that lie on the road ahead. I feel great to have made an […]


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