Best Liver Team in Texas

Best Liver Team in Texas

The Beginning

Liver Specialists of Texas is the best liver team in Texas. Let me explain.

I’ve been involved in the care of liver patients since 1988. It was July of that year that I cared for my first liver transplant patient. It was a young boy in New York City. He was in dire need of a transplant to save his life. I traveled with him and his mother to University of Pittsburg in a 4-seat Cessna 175 Skyhawk. The pilot was an “Angel Pilot” I found in a newspaper article. The rest is history.

Our Mission

After arriving in the Texas Medical Center in 1994, Liver Specialists of Texas was born in 2001. Our mission statement that we recite every day states:

“We are a compassionate organization. Together we promote healthy living through education, research, and innovative care. We strive to be leaders of change.”

The Liver Squad

To be the best liver team in Texas our staff must take this mission statement seriously. We train daily on customer service. They increasing their knowledge base of liver disease and transplantation, and how to work as an integrated team. We start with the simple premise of treating our patients as if they are family. Our team members come from a diverse background. We are inclusive to all. They are allowed to share their special experiences not only with the patients we care for, but one another. Our team has opened new clinics in the Rio Grande Valley. They are caring for some of the most underserved people in the country. The unique challenges they present with are handled head on in the most compassionate fashion.

Our Providers

The speciality of liver disease (also called hepatology) unfortunately does not have enough physicians to care for all of those adults and children with liver disease. While we all feel this is a most exciting speciality of medicine, others do not feel that way. Resident physicians would rather pursue careers in cardiology, kidney disease, or the surgical subspecialties. As a result, there is a lack of trained physicians.

The solution over the past decade has been to employ “advanced practice providers“. They are commonly referred to as Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners. The APPs have filled the provider-gap and has allowed us to carry on with our mission. These are well trained healthcare providers, who have an additional two-years of intensive clinical training, preparing them for patient care. Liver Specialists of Texas currently has four APPs. I have personally mentored them to the standards that I demand to meet the needs of our complex patients. Under my direction, we are all in constant communication regarding the care of our patients.

Research and Nutrition

Besides the outpatient and hospital care we provide, we have been involved in clinical research for the past 30 years. Evaluating new drugs and devices to care for liver patients, we have been in the forefront of new therapies in liver disease. This is a wonderful addition to all of the offerings we can get our patients involved in.

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a leading disease we see, and a major public health concern. Over 80 million Americans have fatty liver. It is a leading cause of cirrhosis and liver cancer. Fatty liver can progress to the point of needing a liver transplant. Obesity is generally the driving force behind fatty liver and all of its complications. We have as part of our team a full-time dietitian aggressively addressing the nutritional needs of our patients. We offer several weight loss strategies. Our dietitian is a front-line provider in the overall management of our patients.

Physician Communicator

This moniker was given to me by Dave Dillon, a lifelong radio executive and innovator. He was instrumental in coaching me during the early days of my radio career. My goal is to communicate complex problems into a very easy to digest form. I want to always make sure you understand what’s going on with your health.

As a team, we invest heavily in communication with our patients and the general public. We do this through social media, web posts such as this, our weekly radio program heard on iHeart radio and SiriusXM, podcasts, education talks and Town Hall meetings, a weekly newsletter, and webinars that are free to all. The time investment is real. Our team members participate on their own time, but realize this is part of the larger mission we all support. We are the best liver team in Texas, and we live up to those standards.

The Best Liver Team in Texas

We are the best liver team in Texas.

I say this because every day we know the challenges we face with our patients and their families. With our years of experience and training, we are well equipped to handle the most complex cases. We turn no one away. As the great restauranteur and Houston legend, Johnny Carrabba, once told me, for great customer service you have to lead yourselves by one simple message: “the answer is yes, what’s the question?”.

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