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Are Your Employees Eating Themselves Sick And Costing You Money?

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Your business is only as healthy as the team of people it employs. This concept is a no-brainer, right? Yet metabolic syndrome in America is a growing epidemic in our country. As a society, obesity is affecting not only individuals but the productivity and profitability of our organizations. It’s time we take obesity, fatty liver disease, diabetes, and heart disease seriously. And it’s business leaders like you who have the power to make the biggest impact.

I believe that the foundation of a thriving life comes down to “The 3 F’s:” family, faith, and food. We’ll look at these areas as well as assess other factors, like exercise, routines, and motivation.

How are your employees’ current habits affecting not only their health and well-being but the bottom line of your company? This assessment is designed to help you find out. Afterall, awareness is the first step in making changes that affect your company and the people it employs for the better.


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