Eating Yourself Sick

As a hepatologist – a physician who specializes in the liver including all facets of diseases affecting the liver such as fatty liver and metabolic syndrome – Dr. Galati sees the ill effects poor eating has on the human body daily. Each day, Dr. Galati meets with people who have or are on the path to life-threatening illness—and most of the time it’s because of how they’ve viewed nutrition and eating.

Having a desire to reach more individuals with a powerful message, Dr. Galati’s radio show “Your Health First” and now his new book, Eating Yourself Sick: How to Stop Obesity, Fatty Liver, and Diabetes from Killing You and Your Family, seek to help people understand the following: Your lifestyle is killing you and your children, but by taking responsibility for the “3 Fs” – family, faith and food – you can turn things around.

Eating Yourself Sick is the culmination of thirty years in medicine, tens of thousands of interviews with patients and their families, and lifelong learning in the kitchen and at the dining table. Dr. Galati shares personal and professional experiences to create a roadmap back to health.

What You Will Learn

  • Raising your overall health IQ
  • Understanding what’s really in the food you’re eating
  • Understand the serious medical complications of obesity
  • Learning how to be a better consumer of healthy lifestyles that supports wellness
  • Why childhood obesity is shortening the lives of our children today
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