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Since 2003, Dr. Joe Galati has been a familiar voice on Texas radio airwaves, producing and hosting Your Health First every Sunday evening, on the programs flagship station 740 KTRH in Houston. Each week, Dr. Galati discusses the latest health and medical trends with his listeners, bringing on experts from around the country to make sense of and explain how these medical breakthroughs might affect you and your family. In addition, every Monday morning, Dr. Galati can be heard with his “Medical Minute”, a 60-second update featuring breaking news related to health and wellness. Whether it’s Monday morning or on the weekend, Dr. Joe Galati, America’s “Physician- Communicator”, can be heard on the radio encouraging his audience to become better consumers of healthcare and equipping them with the information needed to better understand the health issues facing us today. His new book, “Eating Yourself Sick”, draws from his decades of experience caring for patients, as well as the many years he has been sharing his knowledge on the radio.


Healthy Liver TIPS: Dr. Joe Galati and the Year of the Liver in 2019

Alcohol and Damage to the Liver: Dr. Joe Galati and Dr. Howard Monsour Houston Methodist

Fatty Liver: What Patients Need to Know

Your Health First with Dr.Joe Galati

Your Health First Demo with Dr. Joe Galati and Chuck Garcia


Colon Cancer Screening with Dr. Joe Galati

Personal Safety with Uber: Dr. Joe Galati Shares His Opinion

Dr. Joe Galati Reviews a NY Times Article by Anahad O'Connor-Is There an Optimal Diet for Humans?

Health and Wellness Strategies for 2019: Expert Discussion with Chuck Garcia & Dr. Joe Galati

Dr. Galati Discusses Hunter and Gatherer Eating Habits-Who Has the Best Diet for Humans?

Kim Cooper Joins Dr. Joe Galati: Social Media, Nutrition, and Obesity Education

Fatty Liver Disease: Anahad O'Connor New York Times Well Blog

Dr. Galati and Chuck Garcia Discuss the Latest Pediatric Recommendation on Childhood Obesity-Part I

Feeding Your Children Breakfast Part 1: Dr. Joe Galati Discussed the Health Benefits

Feeding Your Children Breakfast Part II: Dr. Galati Discussed the Health Benefits

Americans Getting Fatter-Obesity Rates Continue to Rise

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