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Are Your Food Choices and Lifestyle Habits Taking Years Off Your Life?

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“You are what you eat,” was a phrase my mom was famous for saying. Unfortunately, what the vast majority of Americans are eating today is garbage: too much sugar and refined processed “foods” that are making us sick.

Despite the medical breakthroughs in the past fifty years, we are now faced with the reality that the children of today will not live as long as their parents. Obesity, diabetes, fatty liver, and cardiovascular disease will destroy the productivity and livelihoods of an entire generation. Who in their right mind finds this acceptable? Where is the outrage?

It’s time we take obesity, fatty liver disease, diabetes, and heart disease seriously. And it’s up to forward-thinking people like you to reverse the trend.

How are your current habits affecting not only your health and well-being, but the health of your family? This assessment is designed to help you find out.  After all, awareness is the first step in making changes that will take you and your family from merely surviving to totally thriving.


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