Looking Back at Our #Blog Posts: My Favorites

Looking Back at Our #Blog Posts: My Favorites


Looking Back

Over the past 20 years, I’ve contributed a lot of educational material to social media and the websites that we administer. One portion of the work we do is in the form of a blog, which is essentially short stories and opinions about items in the news and topics I feel are important to our followers. While I am a hepatologist and one who specializes in diseases of the liver, I’ve always tried to write stories about liver related topics and how they apply to the general population. So many of the chronic illnesses that we face today, including heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and kidney disease, can be traced back to underlying chronic liver disease. Thus, I feel it’s quite appropriate too share these topics with all of you.

A Weekend Review

Over the weekend, I was perusing through the archived blog posts and realize that we really have provided a lot of good articles to help you all out. I thought it would be a good idea to pick out my 10 favorite posts and share them here with  you now.

Pick Your Favorites

I would encourage all of you to select the one or two that you like the best, and send me a note with your comments. The feedback from our followers is invaluable, and in many cases, the inspiration for topics we will discuss either in a future blog post, or a topic on our weekly radio program, Your Health First, which happens to air every Sunday evening at 7:00 PM central time on Houston’s talk radio 740 KTRH and globally on the iHeartRadio app.

Contact Me

Don’t hesitate to send me your feedback, and continue to be part of our health and wellness movement.

  1. Hiking: An Exercise to Consider Now
  2. Pop-Tart Nation
  3. The Ugly Truth About Liver Disease
  4. The Value of Home Cooking
  5. 5 Ways to Have Your Children to Love Healthy Foods
  6. Lentils: A Super Food to Love
  7. The Importance of Regular Checkups
  8. What’s Your Liver IQ?
  9. Family, Faith, and Food: The 3 F’s
  10. The Value of 30 minutes of Exercise


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